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Kobe Bryant says hard work isn't enough?here's what it takes to succeed
24 Apr 2017 at 4:24pm
In Kobe Bryant's rookie season for the Lakers in 1996, he played five minutes and scored two points in a disappointing game against the Houston Rockets. "Working harder wasn't enough," Bryant says. Bryant's fixation paid off.
Rumor: Paul George told former Pacers teammates he wanted to join the Lakers
by NBC Sports
24 Apr 2017 at 8:32pm
Paul George to the Lakers is a capital-T thing. George is from Southern California, and he keeps indicating his dissatisfaction with the Pacers. A SoCal native, he?s been talking about playing for his hometown team, the Lakers, for a long time.
Magic Johnson winks at Paul George, talks up Luke Walton as the Lakers' franc...
by Ball Don't Lie
24 Apr 2017 at 10:39pm
Magic Johnson has only been at his new job as Lakers president of basketball operations and advisor a few months, but he?s taken care of quite a bit. The team?s front office has been cleared, former superagent Rob Pelinka can now be named due to his role as the team?s just-hired general manager, and the new regime already even made its first move in dealing Lou Williams. A Lakers-sized stage is set for Magic to take on the start-it-all-over role he?s long envisioned himself as perfect for, in the years between his 1991 and 1996 retirements as a player and the Lakers? move to hand him the keys in 2017.
How Paul George's Exit Interview With Larry Bird Will Probably Go Down
by Sports Illustrated
24 Apr 2017 at 12:44pm
On Sunday, the Pacers? season came to an end... and, possibly, so too did Paul George?s time in Indiana. With George one year away from free agency and the Pacers stumbling through the season, rumors swirled all year about the southern California native
Magic Johnson winks at bringing Paul George to Lakers
by NBC Sports
24 Apr 2017 at 6:31pm
Paul George-to-the-Lakers rumors have swirled for a while. New Lakers president Magic Johnson will only fuel them. You just can?t say, ?Hey, I want you to come to the Lakers,? even though I?m going to be wink-winking like [blinks repeatedly].
The 10 Best Uniforms in NBA History
by The Cheat Sheet
25 Apr 2017 at 3:00am
Some excellent uniforms have graced the NBA over the course of basketball history. While franchises like the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers haven?t changed the look of their jerseys much over the last few decades  ?  benefitting from a consistent look in a large market  ?  others have done well attracting fans with outrageous and creative uniforms. Here are the 10 best uniforms in NBA history. 1.
Warriors get a break after drama-filled opening series
by The Associated Press
25 Apr 2017 at 7:01am
The Warriors can breathe for a bit after a first-round series filled with drama. With a sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State now awaits the conclusion of the series between the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers - currently tied at 2. The Warriors will also await word on coach Steve Kerr's health - with the short break perhaps providing more clarity about when he can rejoin the team.
Magic Johnson launches infrastructure fund with eye on ?rebuilding America?
by MarketWatch
25 Apr 2017 at 11:40am
Magic Johnson hopes he still has the scoring touch. The NBA great said Monday he has millions of dollars in an infrastructure investment fund ? and is looking to put it to work around the world. Johnson, chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises ? the same firm that brought Harlem a movie theater ? has launched the JLC Infrastructure Fund with Jim Reynolds, CEO of Loop Capital Market.
SI Kids reporter interviews Kobe Bryant on Tonight Show
by Sports Illustrated
25 Apr 2017 at 12:40pm
SI Kids reporter Max Bonnstetter continues to make the rounds and impress people everywhere he goes and on Monday, he appeared on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" to interview Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Of course, Bonnstetter got national attention when he asked South Carolina head coach Frank Martin about defense after the Gamecocks held Baylor to 50 points in their Regional Semifinal NCAA tournament game en route to the school's first appearance in the Final Four. During Bonnstetter's appearance on the Tonight Show, he asked Bryant several questions, including what was it like having a giant paycheck at such a young age.
Why returning home to play for the Lakers could come with its own risk for Pa...
by Yahoo Sports
24 Apr 2017 at 3:14am
Paul George got the shot he always wanted, the shot he told teammate C.J. Miles he needed to take in the closing seconds, the shot that he?s clearly rehearsed numerous times, based on his latest sports drink commercial. What George didn?t get was the desired result as his potential game-tying 3-pointer soared over the rim and off the glass, putting an end to the Indiana Pacers? season ? and, possibly, his career with the organization. Reality rarely lives up to fantasy, and George should take that into consideration as he ponders an uncertain future that hinges on many factors that are beyond his control.

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