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2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers Season Tickets Package (Includes Tickets to all Regular Season Home Games)

OctOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
9vs Golden State
at Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu
10:00pmGet Tickets
11vs Golden State
at Stan Sheriff Center, Honolulu
10:00pmGet Tickets
18vs Seattle
at Rabobank Arena Theater and
Convention Center, Bakersfield
7:00pmGet Tickets
20vs Charlotte4:30pmGet Tickets
21vs TBA4:30pmGet Tickets
23vs Utah
at Honda Center, Anaheim
7:00pmGet Tickets
25vs Utah
at San Diego Sports Arena
7:00pmGet Tickets
26vs Sacramento
at Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas
7:00pmGet Tickets
Tue 30vs Houston7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
NovOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
Fri 02@ Phoenix7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 04vs Utah6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 06vs New Orleans7:30pmGet Tickets
Fri 09vs Minnesota7:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 13@ San Antonio5:30pmNBATVGet Tickets
Wed 14@ Houston6:00pmESPNGet Tickets
Fri 16vs Detroit7:30pmESPNGet Tickets
Sun 18vs Chicago6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 20@ Indiana4:00pmGet Tickets
Wed 21@ Milwaukee5:00pmGet Tickets
Fri 23@ Boston4:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 25vs New Jersey6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 27vs Seattle7:30pmGet Tickets
Thu 29vs Denver7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Fri 30@ Utah6:00pmGet Tickets
DecOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
Sun 02vs Orlando6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 04@ Minnesota5:00pmGet Tickets
Wed 05@ Denver6:00pmESPNGet Tickets
Sun 09vs Golden State6:30pmNBATVGet Tickets
Thu 13vs San Antonio7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Fri 14@ Golden State7:30pmESPNGet Tickets
Sun 16vs LA Clippers6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 18@ Chicago5:30pmNBATVGet Tickets
Thu 20@ Cleveland5:00pmTNTGet Tickets
Fri 21@ Philadelphia4:00pmGet Tickets
Sun 23@ New York9:00amNBATVGet Tickets
Tue 25vs Phoenix2:00pmABCGet Tickets
Fri 28vs Utah7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 30vs Boston6:30pmNBATVGet Tickets
JanOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
Fri 04vs Philadelphia7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 06vs Indiana6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 08@ Memphis5:00pmGet Tickets
Wed 09@ New Orleans5:00pmGet Tickets
Fri 11vs Milwaukee7:30pmESPNGet Tickets
Sun 13vs Memphis6:30pmGet Tickets
Mon 14@ Seattle7:00pmGet Tickets
Thu 17vs Phoenix7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Mon 21vs Denver7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Wed 23@ San Antonio6:00pmESPNGet Tickets
Fri 25@ Dallas5:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 27vs Cleveland12:30pmABCGet Tickets
Tue 29vs New York7:30pmGet Tickets
Thu 31@ Detroit4:30pmGet Tickets
FebOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
Fri 01@ Toronto4:00pmGet Tickets
Sun 03@ Washington9:00amNBATVGet Tickets
Tue 05@ New Jersey4:30pmNBATVGet Tickets
Wed 06@ Atlanta4:00pmGet Tickets
Fri 08@ Orlando4:00pmGet Tickets
Sun 10@ Miami12:30pmABCGet Tickets
Mon 11@ Charlotte4:00pmGet Tickets
Wed 13@ Minnesota5:00pmGet Tickets
Tue 19vs Atlanta7:30pmGet Tickets
Wed 20@ Phoenix6:00pmESPNGet Tickets
Sat 23@ LA Clippers7:30pmNBATVGet Tickets
Sun 24@ Seattle6:00pmGet Tickets
Tue 26vs Portland7:30pmGet Tickets
Thu 28vs Miami7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Fri 29@ Portland7:30pmESPNGet Tickets
MarOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
Sun 02vs Dallas12:30pmABCGet Tickets
Tue 04@ Sacramento7:00pmGet Tickets
Fri 07vs LA Clippers7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 09vs Sacramento6:30pmGet Tickets
Tue 11vs Toronto7:30pmGet Tickets
Fri 14@ New Orleans5:00pmGet Tickets
Sun 16@ Houston4:00pmNBATVGet Tickets
Tue 18@ Dallas5:30pmGet Tickets
Thu 20@ Utah7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Fri 21vs Seattle7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 23vs Golden State6:30pmGet Tickets
Mon 24@ Golden State7:30pmGet Tickets
Wed 26vs Charlotte7:30pmGet Tickets
Fri 28vs Memphis7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 30vs Washington6:30pmGet Tickets
AprOpponentTimeNational TVTickets
Wed 02vs Portland7:30pmGet Tickets
Fri 04vs Dallas7:30pmESPNGet Tickets
Sun 06@ Sacramento6:00pmGet Tickets
Tue 08@ Portland7:00pmGet Tickets
Thu 10@ LA Clippers7:30pmTNTGet Tickets
Fri 11vs New Orleans7:30pmGet Tickets
Sun 13vs San Antonio12:30pmABCGet Tickets
Tue 15vs Sacramento7:30pmGet Tickets

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